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Name of the Country:  

Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Short conventional form: Uruguay  

President: José Alberto Mujica Cordano
Code of the Country:   UY
Capital:   Montevideo  
Political Division: 19 departments
Type of Government:

Democratic republic with presidential system. The State organized in

three independent powers: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The Executive Power is exercised by a President and 13

Ministers. The Legislative Power is constituted by the

Parliament's General Assembly, which is composed by two

Chambers; the Senate that is integrated by 30 members and

is presided by the Vice - President of the Republic and the

National Assembly integrated by 99 members who represent

the 19 departments of Uruguay.

Vote: Obligatory and universal from 18 years old.
National holidays:

January 1st, May 1st, June 19, July 18, August 25 and

December 25.

Legal System:

The Uruguayan legal system is based on legal norms approved by the Parliament and promulgated by the President of the Republic. The ultimate source of law is the Constitution. The judicial proceedings have normally

two instances although the verdict of a court or a judge may provide guidance for other cases, such verdicts are not binding precedent.

Inhabitants: 3.3 millions (2011) 
Annual rate of demographic growth: 0.4%
Population density by Km2: 18,8
Life expectancy: 77 years
Rate of infantile mortality: 9.3/1000
Literacy rate: 98%

There is no official religion (catholic 56%, non religious 38%,

protestant 2%, Jewish 2%)

Nationality: Uruguayan
Language: Spanish
Business languages: English and Portuguese (Italian and French widespread).
Gross National Product (2011): 46.710 Millions of Dollars  
GNP Per Capita (2011): 13.861   Dollars
Composition of the GNP (2011) by Sector: agriculture and fishing – 9,4%
industry manufacturing and mining – 21,7 %

services 68.9%
Inflation: 8.6% (2011)
Unemployment rate: 6 % (2011)
Standard of life indicators
Population/physicians ratio: 260
Population with drinking water supply: 98%
Electrification rate: 98%
Cars per 100 inhabitants: 19
Digital telephone net: 100%
Fixed telephone and mobile per 100 inhabitants: 136.3
Internet density: 58%